Lets Adopt Healthy Life Style

Do not believe you must lose weight.

You should not begin a diet when you are determined to lose weight. Men may notice an increase in their waistlines if they feel the pressure of excess fat around their waist.

It’s time to make some adjustments. However, these changes cannot be made to resolve a temporary problem. You have to decide to change your lifestyle, rather than trying to lose weight. You realize that what you’ve been doing is not working. Maybe it’s the right time to try something else.

Don’t get impatient about losing those unwanted pounds. Give yourself enough rest to achieve your goals. You didn’t get the weight loss you wanted overnight.

You’ve probably now realized that many of the diets you tried didn’t work. There is a better way. Time for a lifestyle change.

You should think long-term. You should start by calculating your daily caloric intake, taking into account your age, height, gender and level of physical activity. For a one-pound loss per week, deduct 500 calories from your plan each day. While that may not sound like much to you, it can help you lose more weight. Increase your physical activity. And, the most important point of all, stop eating at fast food restaurants, which are full of saturated fats, sodium, and carbohydrates.

Yes, this is true. In times of stress, running late and rushing to do things, it is easy to turn to fast food and processed foods. They have all sorts of chemicals for improving color and Nitrites for increasing the product’s shelf-life. Do not forget the canned and boxed food.

Although we embrace all modern commodities, which, by the way are fantastic, we should also be conscious of what we are consuming and what the manufacturers are feeding. Get into the habit of reading labels.

A life-style shift that emphasizes protein, vegetables, low-sugar fruits and healthy eating habits is possible.

Would you be willing to believe your lifestyle could lead you to develop cancer? I believed that modern medicine told me how to get cancer 18 years before I got it. They believed it was genetic. It meant that your ancestors would have passed on the disease to you. They claimed that they knew everything and were the only ones who could answer all my questions. Then, I was diagnosed as having prostate cancer. It is a genetic disease that runs on my male family members. I was able to make a very good decision. To treat my cancer, I decided on Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine. It meant I was not going for modern medicine. Instead, I would use natural healing techniques.

The naturopathic specialist I worked with confirmed that I had a genetic tendency to develop prostate cancer. After that, he gave me an overview of how the disease starts. Some genetic weaknesses are stronger than others. As a chain, imagine the organs in your body. Then, see how your life style affects the chain. If your life isn’t good enough, you will find the weakest links.

However, I still trusted the Naturopath and decided to do the exact thing he advised.

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Now I found that there were some weaknesses in my liver and prostate. These are my main genetic weaknesses. These are the areas I was suffering from in those years that preceded my diagnosis of cancer. My lungs were always causing me problems. I had chronic low back pain and problems with my right knee and hip. I also experienced severe pain between the shoulder blades, which is a symptom of gall bladder problems and liver problems.

These problems would disappear with the help of a naturopath.

I had difficulty believing that my lifestyle was to blame for the cancer. Here is the reason. I lived the American life. My lifestyle was very conservative. I never did any excess. I did eat white flour, moderately used sugar, drank coffee once daily, and had some meat. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I also took vitamin supplements. Fast food was something that I only ate about once or twice per week. I was in good physical condition. I was a second -degree black belt in karate. I practiced karate every day. I was not taking any medications and had never suffered from any major diseases. I believe I was healthier than average.

The doctor explained to me what I needed to do. “You must give up everything about your lifestyle and diet. I stopped eating meats and vegetables and I ate whole wheat bread. I also gave up white rice. I did something I hadn’t done before. I detoxed and cleansed. Then I stopped eating solid meals and began to juice fast with herbs.

This philosophy was applied to other aspects of my life. I began to change the direction of my entire life. I stopped working to earn money and instead chose a career that I loved. I avoided or ended my relationships with those in negative situations and people. I established a personal relationship to God.

My surprise was that the cancer disappeared along with the other issues. Just as the naturopathic doctors said. I have never returned to the old way of living and am happier than ever. In the past 18 years, I have not taken a single sick breath.

What about your life? Would you trade it for bad habits or good? Are you so attached and devoted to trash foods that it is more important to change than to die? I have seen people change their lives and die since becoming a Thompsonian Naturopath. You can choose to honorably die, or surrender.

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