My Favorite Football Team in College

The BCS Standings are made up three equal parts that, in turn, make up a team’s overall average. The Harris Poll, USA Today Poll, as well as computer rankings, are the three components. Each team with the highest percentage ranking at both the top and bottom of the rankings is averaged. Each component of the BCS Standings components calculation is broken down into greater detail.

The Harris Poll is the initial contributing component to the BCS Standings Formula. The Harris Poll is comprised of former coaches, student athletes, and media personnel. It has 114 participants. The total number of participants is 114. They fill out the ballots that rank each team’s 25 best. Each vote for the number 1 spot earns 25 points. In descending order, the 25th team would receive 1 point. If all 114 participants rank the team number 1, they can each receive 2,850 points. Accordingly, the BCS Standings calculation percentage in relation to the Harris Poll refers to a team’s total points divided with 2,850 possible points. Florida, for example, would receive 113 first place votes from Florida and 1 2nd place vote from the last participant. They would then have 2,849 point giving them a Harris Poll average of 99.9%. That is a score 0.999. The team’s average ranking is in descending order, making up 1/3 the total BCS Standings formula.

The USA Today Poll is next in the BCS Standings. The USA Today Poll actually refers to the Coaches Poll. They also vote for the top 25 college football teams. These calculations are similar to the Harris Poll calculations but only 1,475 points can be achieved due to the USA Today Poll’s 59 participants. Each team’s total point are divided by 1,475 for a percentage average. Another example: If one team gets all the first place votes of each of the 59 participants, it would have 1,475 maximum scores. This would equal 100%.

College sports are a great way to have fun and pass the time. People who are passionate about their sports will find college sports valuable. As they could oneday be in the Major Leagues, college players are worth getting to know. This year’s college football rankings are very similar from poll to poll. These poll’s top three teams are almost all the same, but they do vary slightly in order from poll to poll. This report includes statistics and information from the USA Today Poll as well as the Associated Press Poll. They have many similarities, and both were taken at the time of writing.

The Louisiana State Tigers rank at the top in both polls. This team has received more than a thousand votes in both polls. They were the second-best college football team last year, but they have risen to the top this year. Georgia was ranked second on Associated Press, with over fifteen hundred votes. USC came in third, with fifteen hundred votes. USA Today polls Georgia as the second pick with over fifteen hundred votes. USC is in third place with over one thousand, three hundred, eighty votes. Georgia comes in third with one hundred three hundred seventy votes. The top three poll picks are basically the same, with very little variation. It’s very close between Georgia University and University of Southern California. It will be interesting to see which team is better this year.

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Ohio State also ranked in the top five of both these polls. The Associated Press poll ranks Ohio State at number five with just over thirteen hundred votes. Ohio State ranks fourth in the USA Today ranking, with almost thirteen hundred votes. Missouri is also ranked in each poll’s top five. Missouri is number 4 in the Associated Press Poll and 5 in the USA Today Poll. With very little variation and the same number of votes, the top five also agree between these polls. This season of college football is expected to be very exciting. It will be exciting to see how this season unfolds and who emerges victorious and who wins. This year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in college football. Many of the best college football players in this year’s class are seniors. They could be setting themselves up for great success in the National Football League.

Another popular poll shows the top five polls of the Associated Press, USA Today and other polls, with slight variations. This is the Bowl Championship Series Rankings. It is also well-known. Number one is the Ohio State Buckeyes. Number two is Louisiana State Tigers. The Virginia Tech Hokies is number three. Number four is the Oklahoma Sooners, while number five is Georgia Bulldogs. BCS college football rankings play a significant role in determining who is eligible to attend the crucial bowl games that are played at the close of each season and are watched by millions.

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